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The Glance for August 17, 2010: Bryan and Joyce on the unbearable complexity of managing large organizations

Lowell L. Bryan and Claudia I. Joyce, Mobilizing Minds, 2007:

The truth is that almost all of today's companies, from the mediocre to the "superclass," were built primarily to mobilize their labor and capital assets--not the intangile assets that enable profits per employee to rise to levels never seen before. Trying to run a company in the 21st century with an organizing model designed for the 20th century places limits on how well a company performs. It also creates massive, unnecessary, unproductive complexity--a condition that frustrates workers and wastes money. The plagues of the modern company are hard-to-manage workforce structures, thick silo walls, confusing matrix structures, e-mail overload, and "undoable jobs."