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Straighten up and email right, says Jakob Nielsen

Like automobiles, email newsletters are powerful and dangerous. Usability expert Jakob Nielsen reminds us how challenging it can be as he picks apart these examples.

useit.com Alertbox: UK Election Email Newsletters Rated, 2010-Apr-26, by Jakob Nielsen:

Since our earliest user research into email newsletters 8 years ago, we've known that newsletters are a superb mechanism for growing a relationship with customers. Indeed, when we recently asked users why they were visiting particular websites, the most common response was, "I was reminded to do so because I received an email newsletter from the site."

Beyond being good for business, newsletters are an effective means for political candidates to stay in touch with their supporters during an election campaign. (Twitter and Facebook campaigning might get more press coverage, but representatives from all 3 parties told The Economist that the old-fashioned newsletter is actually the more effective campaigning tool.)