Social capital becoming a competitive tool, so be afraid of not having any (via Brian Solis)
Building content to be distributed by free services

Building traffic by being in charge of a subject

In my opinion, SEO will become increasingly based on a site's ability to provide fresh content. Being authoritative will be less important than being up-to-date. You can afford to make a few mistakes if you busy observing and revising your opinion. People rely on you to know what's going on.  

A List Apart: Articles: The Content Strategist as Digital Curator.2009-Dec-8, by Erin Scime

When a site launches, your audience arrives to learn more about what you know most about. It’s critical to create a content experience with purpose, that is consistent and contextual. This helps to assert your brand’s authority, establishes relationships with your audience, and secures a return visit based on your content’s value. The content strategist-as-curator is the one who makes this happen. How? Exhibit your collection’s greatest assets Just as curators produce thoughtful exhibitions that juxtapose pieces of work against one another to create meaning and spur excitement, content strategists must approach a business’s content as a medium that needs to be strategically selected and placed to engage the audience, convey a message, and inspire action.