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Social capital becoming a competitive tool, so be afraid of not having any (via Brian Solis)

Did you sign up for this marathon when you launched a business?

For most businesses, a static web site is just not going to cut it anymore. If you want to attract NEW customers, or raise your profile the way GE would like to do, you have to have a growing web site that takes new information in all the time. What a bummer. Did you sign up for this marathon when you launched a business?

Mediapost Marketing Daily: GE Launches Consumer Web Initiative, 2010-Feb-26, by Sarah Mahoney:

Linda Boff, global director of marketing communications, tells Marketing Daily, "From a digital perspective, the difference between business-to-business and business-to-consumer is starting to vanish, and this [web site] supports the broader goals of the 'Healthymagination' effort, which we launched last May: Bringing better health to more people." The Fairfield, Conn.-based company is dubbing the initiative an "ecosystem," as opposed to a plain old Web site ... We wanted to create a digital presence that let us see where the consumer conversations are happening, and follow them there -- whether that happens on Twitter or YouTube. We're looking at this as Mile One of a marathon and hoping to build traction."

... says Ivan Askwith, director of strategy for Big Spaceship, the New York-based agency that developed the site, is the enormous popularity of health-related sites. "There is just so much information out there, and trying to make lifestyle changes can be so overwhelming, ... And rather than just compete with established content providers, "we wanted to partner with them," he tells Marketing Daily. For instance, the site's "Better Health Conversations," is a partnership with WebMD. The instant messaging-like feature generates health guidelines, as well as a list of questions to ask your doctor at the next visit.