New marketing challenge: be a publisher
Did you sign up for this marathon when you launched a business?

Building a conversation means finding something to be interested in...

As a business owner, I've come to the slow realization telling people what you know is boring. To use social media effectively, you have to make conversation, so you can't just tell, you have to learn small talk. You have to take an interest in a large variety of subjects for which you will never be an expert. Yes, it's awkward at first, but then you notice it's turning you into a more interesting human being. And you wonder why you didn't do it before.

Content Management Connection: Why Marketers Fail at "Social", 2010-Feb-15, by Jay Deragon

The days of managing by results are over and today unless you manage by building confidence and trust with people you will not reach optimum results.... Most businesses jumping into use of social fail to consider the human factors that drive people’s interest, attention and behavior. Pushing out marketing messages without meaning, value or truths do not build confidence and trust with the market you aim to serve. Such tactics are doomed to fail because marketers primary objectives are to create business results.