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Dialing up transparency with Andy Bond at Asda

A grocery store with glass brick walls? Now that's transparency. Asda CEO Andy Bond makes me smile. Check out his Wikipedia entry (if not squelched yet it describes him as James Bond's brother), and the Aisle Spy blog. I appreciate Bond trying to DO everything he can to communicate transperancy, not just talking about it. More details about their innovative experiments with transparency at Reuters. Grocer Asda Turns to Customers for Advice, 2009-Oct-2, by Lilly Vitorovich

Asda, the second-biggest supermarket chain by U.K. market share behind Tesco, is hoping that involving customers more in business decisions will gain their loyalty as much as specially tailored discounts. "My ambition for Asda is to actively involve customers in every aspect of the business, to lift the lid on how we do things, and enable our customers to help make decisions that have an impact on what we sell and how we sell it," Mr. Bond said.

"It's about entering a new partnership, working with customers rather than simply working on behalf of them," he added. Asda also unveiled a new blog, "Aisle Spy," and introduced a number of webcams within its operations -- including a dairy farm, a carrot-processing plant, and its head office in Leeds. It will also open a new "transparent" store in Gorseinon, South West Wales, next year. Glass walls will replace brick walls to expose areas of the supermarket normally kept out of view.