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Marketing by Doing

As a marketing communication expert, I spend way too much time on words, and way too little time on action. Our branding efforts will improve dramatically when we realize that people trust brands that do more than talk at them. So now I have my new year's resolution: every week I have to record some action taken for my audience. Next week I will be delivering the prize for last month's contest.

The Drew Blog: Six Questions to Start the New Year, 2010-Jan-14, by Drew Neisser of Renegade

It is a simple fact—beloved brands do better. Becoming beloved requires achieving customer satisfaction on the basics (product quality) and somehow exceeding expectations via service. Zappos calls this delivering “wow” and does this wherever they can. The Apple Store does this with its amazingly knowledgeable squad of orange-shirted concierges. Others use Marketing as Service to foster brand love, as HSBC does with the BankCab, whose riders send at least one love letter every week. So ask yourself, what could your marketing be doing (versus saying) to generate this kind of passion?