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Before You Join the Social Media Party

Over at Brazen Careerist, Matt talks about what it takes for an individual to be successful in social media. If you think you'd like to join the rest of us using social media, or worse, if you feel competitive pressure to use Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media tool, please consider these 15 steps. I encourage you to read Matt's original post, which is very insightful, or click through to my paraphrase. Whenever I actually intend to use advice, I re-write it in my own language, so that it becomes part of my thinking. Thanks, Matt!

Brazen Careerist: Invest For Success: 15 Steps To Effective Social Media Marketing And Better Blogging, 2009-Oct-27, by Matt Cheuvront

Your blog and Social Media presence is an INVESTMENT – An investment that takes patience and perseverance to see real success. It’s also an investment with goals and benchmarks that will continually adapt and change.

Theresa's version of Matt's 15 Steps:

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Giving your customers more power

T3 of Austin has developed the interactive components for Chase's new campaign targeting small business owners. Competing directly with the American Express 'Open for Business' campaign, 'Ink' focuses more on the entrepreneur's desire to 'do-it-my-way.' The most powerful marketkeeping component of this offering is the fact you have to configure and choose your reward options.

Mediapost Marketing Daily: Chase 'Ink' Campaign Targets Small Biz, 2009-Oct-2, by Tanya Irwin

Creative executions are built around the idea that behind every small business is a story about how they started, what they have accomplished and where they are going. The "This is the story" TV spots feature scenes from diverse small business scenarios including a lumber yard, contractor truck site, organic farm and restaurant.