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How RSS strengthens newsletters

Our audiences are collecting information in many different ways. For many people, an RSS feed is the easiest way to be alerted to new content. Make sure your headlines and excerpts look good on the feeds, then leverage RSS to improve your newsletter's reach.

BtoB: How RSS can complement e-mail marketing, 2009-Sep-3, by Karen J. Bannan:

Four tips courtesy of Derek Harding, CEO of Omnicom Group's Innovyx:

1) RSS works only if you are using it for frequently updated content.

2) Track and target your RSS feed.

3) Promote RSS using e-mail and promote e-mail using RSS.

4) It's OK to double-dip sometimes.... Avoid [re]using a blog post as your first item, and think about writing original commentary to go with that post. "Maybe the reference here is, 'Here's what you would have seen if you were on our RSS feed,'" he said.