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Managing not achieved by measuring

While everyone is busy demanding a 'return' or profit on every marketing tactic they use, not everyone realizes what they are measuring.

Dim Bulb (blog): Marketing In The Matrix. 2009-Jul-9, by Jonathan Salem Baskin:

In business, a case history is only as good as its identified variables, which means most of them aren't terribly good at all.

We measure hoping to capture cause and effect, but in the real world, causes are often beyond our control, often beyond our imagination. The best we can do is develop a 'marketing theory' for our enterprise, and improve it over time using every scrap of evidence we can find.

Marketing (UK magazine): Reinventing Marketing, 2009-Jul-7, by Alan Mitchell

... beneath the same surface appearance, there may be multiple causes and effects; each one its own mini-mystery.... Learn more from Alan Mitchell