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Reintegrating the brand after many campaign jumps

Burger King, like many major brands, has jumped from one advertising campaign to another, maximizing confusion. Now they recognize that their customers want to them to be something more integrated. It's like looking in a fractured mirror, of course.

Wall Street Journal Digits Blog: Subservient Chicken, Whopper Freakout Come to, 2009-Jul-20, by Andrew LaVallee

Burger King has redesigned its primary U.S. site,, to feature well-known but long-gone ads such as “Subservient Chicken” and “Whopper Freakout.” The site, which emerges from beta today, will still provide corporate information that it’s hosted in the past, such as nutritional information, menus and restaurant locators, but it adds the ability to dial that back and increase the video content, or vice versa.