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081111d According to Arun Sinha, head of marketing at Zurich Financial, fewer than 15% of consumers trust any insurance brand. Whew! I didn't realize it had gotten that bad. That must be Europe ... wonder what percentage it would be in the U.S.?

So now Zurich is taking action to strengthen their image as a company that will be there for you when you're in a bind. The real question is, can they maintain this as a marketing system, or is it just a stunt? American Express has made many travel services free to their customers for years and years. Maybe Zurich should study how American Express has been able to fund their services. Advertising - Like a Billboard, but, Oh, So Sleek, 2008-Nov-4, by Eric Pfanner

... for travelers rushing through the London Heathrow or Frankfurt airports this week with a dead mobile phone or a missing hotel reservation, there may be a place to turn. Look for booths marked with a big blue “Z” in the international departures areas. The stands are help points set up by Zurich Financial Services. They will offer free Internet access, cellphone and laptop charge-ups and other assistance for travelers, including cleaning materials to deal with spilled coffee and information about travel destinations, the company says. One thing they will not offer is insurance, Zurich’s usual line of business.