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Sea Change in TV Advertising

080509b Unless your business is big enough to devote millions of dollars to television advertising every year, or you're into direct response TV (it's own unique marketing system), using television to market your business has always been very problematic. Houston's Gallery Furniture figured how to avoid prohibitive TV production costs by building an image of being cheap and cheesy, but most companies can't roll with that image. By avoiding production costs, Gallery could afford to run frequently with new messages all the time. So it was a system, not a stunt.

Now a totally new television advertising system is being developed by a company called Spot Runner. I assumed they were always going to be targeting local businesses like dental practices and small retail chains, but now many national advertisers are starting to get involved. I suspect this is the beginning of television micro-targeting. If worldwide luxury marketers can use this system, surely local designers are going to benefit as well.

MediaPost: LVMH Runs With Spot Runner, Luxury Marketer Backs Online Ad Firm, 2008-May-7, by Joe Mandese

The addition of Group Arnault, he says, is consistent with Spot Runner's push to broaden from a long tail to a solution for bigger advertisers looking to develop better and more streamlined means of created highly targeted advertising and media buys on the fly. "[Group Arnault] LVMH brings a different perspective, that of an advertiser," says Grouf. "It gives us a richer understanding of what that will be as we move into a more fragmented environment. ... It brings entirely different categories of advertisers in the market, not just small advertisers, but advertisers who are looking to be much more targeted and focused in the messages they are serving."