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How to Commit to your Audience

080524a As marketers struggle to take advantage of the hot new trend of social networking sites, they are stumbling on their own short-term thinking. They can't just run an advertisement or even a campaign. They have to make a commitment to participate in the community, for better or for worse.

Adweek: Social Ad Lessons, 2008-May-19, by Brian Morrissey

RockYou has seen success matching movies with its applications; Vampire flick 30 Days of Night made a good fit with its Vampire app, resulting in 60,000 registrations for the movie. "The biggest misconception is people assume the performance of these campaigns is the same as the performance of general social networks," said Ro Choy, vp of business development at RockYou. While progress is being made and lessons learned, Schafer believes advertisers need to deal with a more fundamental problem of campaigns in social media: They're not well-suited as short-term endeavors. His agency helped develop an Entourage community on MySpace that has run for four years, requiring continued tending and activation. Yet for most clients, social media campaigns tend to mean running ads for a set period of time. "What social networks are more fertile for are initiatives about CRM and changing attitudes, rather than awareness, frequency and reach," he said.