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How to Take Care of the Goose

080505b Is this company called Reward Paths saying that U.S. mid-sized companies apply short-term, seat-of-the-pants solutions? I'm shocked, shocked. ... For too many medium-sized companies, marketing is about driving sales and cracking those golden eggs this quarter, and not about nurturing a nice flock of golden-egg laying geese. When you establish any marketing program, especially a loyalty program, you should be thinking about how customers will relate to the program after they've been using if for five years or more.

COLLOQUY: Reward Paths enters U.S. loyalty marketplace. 2008-May-1, from press release:

Reward Paths notes that while large U.S. corporations serving consumer markets have been able to establish and afford substantial investments in rewards, miles and points programs for their best customers, the mid-size U.S. corporation, especially those serving business-to-business markets, has often been unable to secure the same capabilities and expertise at affordable costs. As such, they have relied upon undifferentiated discount programs or undisciplined and under-analyzed incentive campaigns to implement similar strategies for their best customers. Reward Paths will change that by bringing a compelling, turn-key, and affordable presence to the U.S. loyalty and rewards marketplace for the mid-market.