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How to Compete for Loyalty

080527a The case used to be that companies instituted loyalty programs to reduce competition. Now loyalty programs drive competition. Credit card companies will not only let you configure your terms, they will also let you put any picture your want on the card. Ability to customize = loyalty.

Marketing ROI: Is Customization an Unreasonable Loyalty Value?. 2008-May-7, by Robert Passikoff

...looking at the 57 categories and nearly 400 brands Brand Keys measures in our Customer Loyalty Engagement Index—we found that the average percent-of-contribution "customization" makes to product and service engagement, adoption and loyalty (and, therefore, profitability) is currently 18%, or nearly five times what the value was when it was first measured in 1997. ... It's something most consumers take for granted today. Of the 57 categories that make up the 2008 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, the top 10 where customization has become one of the largest brand differentiators are: Automobiles Athletic Footwear Online Wireless Cell Phones Hotels Restaurants Parcel Delivery Coffee Providers Clothing Catalogs...