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How Liberty Mutual Opens a Conversation

080411b Have you ever tried to start a conversation with someone who just wasn't interested? Marketers face this problem all the time. They want a dialogue with their audience but find it challenging to connect. The key is to take it lightly and keep trying. I'm not overly impressed with Liberty Mutual's new site, The Responsibility Project, but it has possibilities. If they can allow it to evolve, they may have a marketing system. They currently support the site with their TV campaign, but they hope to cut back on general TV advertising over time.

Mediapost: Liberty Mutual Doubles Spend To Back Web-Based Films, 2008-Feb-29, by Karl Greenberg

Speaking at Thursday's Association of National Advertisers' conference in New York, Stephen Sullivan, SVP/communications for Liberty Mutual Group and chairman of ANA's Board of Directors, said that programs like The Responsibility Project reflect the maturity of the Web....We made a major financial commitment to produce 20 original films this year that will be put on our Web site and will be published in a way that will be very easy to share. People will click and drag and put them in e-mails," he said.