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How Pepsi Followed Through

080219b The amazing thing about the Pepsi SuperBowl "Stuff" commercial was not the spectacle of Justin Timberlake (not pictured here) flying through the air, but the way Pepsico has wrung every opportunity to score from this campaign. They did a great job of thinking through how people would act after seeing the commercial and how to interact with them.

MediaPost: Pepsi Snags MVP Status With Super Bowl Ad-Search Combo, by 2008-Feb-5.

The Pepsi Stuff campaign snagged most valuable player status on the search firm's annual Super Bowl Search Marketing Scorecard because it nailed the goal of having consistent on- and offline messaging. The TV spot and Pepsi's various Web sites (including a microsite and branded YouTube and Facebook channels) all contain the same calls-to-action--driving users to sign up for the Pepsi Stuff program. In addition, Pepsi's search team purchased a myriad of keywords related to the TV spot, going beyond obvious branded terms like "Pepsi Stuff" or "Pepsi Super Bowl commercial" to snag viewer interest around pop star spokesperson Justin Timberlake.