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How to Welcome Email Newsletter Subscribers

080212a Here is an excellent checklist to make sure your new subscriber welcome is "best practice." These are from Margaret Farmakis, Return Path's director of strategic services. You can download an entire white paper on the subject at

Target Marketing: Eight Steps to More Effective Welcome E-mails, 2008-Mar-1, by Hallie Mummert:

  1. Welcome new subscribers within 24 hours.
  2. Allow subscribers to manage their own profile.
  3. Give them a thank you gift.
  4. Remind them of the content and frequency they can anticipate.
  5. Ask them to add your sending newsletter address to their address book.
  6. Include unsubscribe instructions.
  7. Personalize the message to their name or email.
  8. Summarize your privacy policy and provide a link to the policy on your web site.