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How LifeSize Runs a Tight Partner-Ship

080118a If your products are distributed through partners or retailers, then your success is influenced by the quality of their web site. Of course, manufacturers have always had to police their distributors to some extent, but the internet has certainly complicated the process. In any circumstances, if you have affiliates or influencers who link to your web site, then good marketing requires that you give them some direction. A recent Marketing Sherpa case study includes information about how LifeSize Communications excels in this area, featuring Megan Lueders, Director Worldwide Marketing Channels. "She started with only 20 partners, but now has more than 120 external sites linking directly to her site from a page with keyword-optimized and LifeSize-relevant content."

MarketingSherpa: Case Study #CS811, 2007-Nov-15.

[Leuders at LifeSize] developed a process to build two-way links between her Web site and industry partners and resellers....Rather than simply linking to partners’ homepages, she required partners to provide a direct link to a page with relevant content about LifeSize Communications. To make it easier on partners, she provided an "SEO 101" document with step-by-step advice on how to create a search-optimized link. Tips included: keywords to include on the page, specific copy to paste into their own sites for certain products, and the precise location on the LifeSize site to link back to.