How Words Struggle to become Viral
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How to Touch the Imagination

071113wFirst I have to eat one of my words. A couple of years ago I was sitting in a meeting, talking about an email newsletter, and the owner expressed a desire to include video clips. I'm ashamed to say I didn't just roll my eyes, I also said "never."

Although it's still not technologically feasible to include a video clip in a newsletter, a strong, inviting link to a fun clip may be just the way to touch your audience and get them to take action, as the florist is this story from Marketing Sherpa found.

MarketingSherpa: How to Add Video to Email on a Shoestring Budget & Double Conversions: 6 Steps + 6 Lessons Learned, 2007-Nov-13 (Case Study #CS809) Showing a video lessens the copywriting burden. Instead, work on the quality of the video, converting the format if need be. This MarketingSherpa story will be for subscibers only after Nov. 20, 2007, but it contains a large number of good technical details on how to make video clips a part of your regular email campaigns.