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How to Tell a Better Story

071001y Marketers are always being told to tell more stories these days. The audience will remember a story, stories attract attention, etc., but if you're going to make a systematic use of stories, you need to have some criteria for which stories to tell and how to tell them.

Peter Gruber, founder of Mandaly Entertainment, recently spoke at the NACCM conference, and he shared some tips for creating stories that inspire people to become more involved with an enterprise. His first three tips were

  1. Truth to yourself
  2. Truth to your audience
  3. Truth to the moment

And I've excerpted the final truth here. I highly recommend the entire article.

1to1 Weekly Inside Access: Reporter's Notebook. by Ginger Conlon 2007-Oct-29

Truth to your mission: A story is a call to action. It should capture the mission and everything about it should be subservient to that mission, he said. "Storytellers must render an experience to their audience," Gruber said, emphasizing that stories must be action oriented and have an ending that is unexpected as well as emotionally fulfilling. A good story well told, he said, will leave listeners saying, "Aha!"

For marketers, that "aha" moment should be: Now I know what to do next. When your audience says that to themselves, you've got them involved.