How to Get Serious about Customers
How to Track Your Reputation

How to Ask Questions

071028y Good conversationalists know how to ask questions that people enjoy answering. (Bill Cosby used to have a routine about what NOT to ask your children, "who made this mess?" being a prime example. In my inbox, "when do you plan to purchase?" makes me feel the same way.) Marketing Sherpa recently shared some tips for asking questions in emails. You can quiz your customers in separate survey emails or in a question added to the newsletter, but always:

  • Make it easy and fun.
  • Don't be pushy or nosy.
  • Show you care.
  • Don't use embedded forms in email.
  • Let them unsubscribe.
  • Test different formats.
  • Place more faith in trends than raw results.

Marketing Sherpa: Special Report: How to Conduct Email Surveys - Tips to Lift Response & Write Subject Lines, 2007-Oct-2 (subscription required).