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071013z_2 I have finally figured out why I have to look at those ugly "fix your face" adds for Botox and Botox alternatives at my Yahoo mail account (which I have to check six times a day). I told Yahoo how old I am. So because they have limited inventory of ads, they keep serving these ugly pictures over and over. If you use any of these wonderful new forms of online ad targeting, you better make sure that you cap the average frequency before 10 exposures. (Photo by Gonzalo Haro.) Otherwise your audience will start to feel aged!

WSJ: Firm Mines Offline Data To Target Online Ads. 2007-Oct-17, by Kevin J. Delaney and Emily Steel:

Acxiom can read cluster codes embedded in the cookies and use them to pick which ads to show. The company doesn't disclose the sites that carry such targeted ads, but says they reach 60% of U.S. Internet users. That allows a company selling an expensive antiwrinkle cream, for example, to contract with Acxiom to display its ads to affluent women 40 years or older in the "Skyboxes and Suburbans" or "Summit Estates" clusters.