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When you have a clear system in place, you can update and evolve the system, but you don't just keep changing with the times. Everyone expected the publishers of one of the most successful email newsletters, Daily Candy, to cross platform--to build a shopping portal, to go RSS, to send mobile alerts, but that's not what their customers signed up for!

Here's what I signed up for with Daily Candy: something pretty, light and engaging in my inbox every morning.  I'm not planning to shop but to just see what's new and cool, taking a little break from my hum-drum existence.070927w

Advertising Age: A Single-Platform Player Surviving in a Multiplatform World. 2007-Sep-3, by Abbey Klaassen: They have eschewed other line extensions, such as TV shows and print titles in favor of launching local and lifestyle-targeted versions of the newsletter....They're not even destination sites; the largest,, falls below Nielsen/NetRatings' minimum reporting guidelines of 500,001 unique visitors for all months but October 2006....said Catherine Levene, chief operating officer at New York-based Daily Candy..."What every company needs is a strong relationship with audience and marketing partners."...Its various editions today boast a collective 2.5 million subscribers (900,000 unique) and has spawned a crop of imitators.