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How to Use Newspapers

A local newspaper is not just a place to put ads. It's a networking vehicle. If you have potential customers reading a newspaper, then you should sit down with that newspaper and think about the information those people are taking from it. How can you become part of that newspaper's information flow? Dropping in the occasional ad will make little difference. Consider the point-of-view of media consultant Jeff Jarvis. He used to be a journalist, then an editor, and now he's trying to talk the newspaper industry into healing itself. How can your business be part of the solution? (Photo by Sanja Gjenero, from StockXchng)

070922v_2 BuzzMachine: Towns are hyperlocal social networks with data (people that is), 2007-Jul-11, by Jeff Jarvis: Local is people. Our job [as journalists] is not to deliver content or a product. Our job is to help them make connections with information and each other. In truth, that was, long ago, the job newspapers saw for themselves. That’s why they lived to get as many names in the paper as possible. They knew: Local is people. Newspapers gave us news that mattered to us and would be trivial to anyone else. Newspapers were small and local and served their communities — and their advertisers — better.