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070804v_2 Now that marketing is a conversation, many companies are surprised to realize they don't know how to hold up their end. Over at ChasNote, Chas Edwards describes a program where WebEx offered free services and effectively "sponsored conversations" among their target audience. (Talk among yourselves...)

In an August 2007 article in BusinessWeek about fashion marketers participating in a new community on MySpace, Reena Jana notes that most of them want to post runway video or buy ads, but somebody there knows how to socialize...

Designers such as Isaac Mizrahi ... regularly update their personal MySpace pages with details about their own creative processes and tastes. Mizrahi includes unknown MySpace designers alongside his celebrity "friends" to nurture a creative community around his brand. "When a designer offers access and intimacy, he allows a sense of belonging with his audience," says Shawn Gold, MySpace's senior vice-president of marketing. "They can create a network of mutual appreciation."