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070815w Do you believe that marketing is primarily a creative activity or a discipline? Would you believe that being more disciplined can dramatically improve your creative output? Marketing, like inventing, is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. As the marketing environment becomes more sophisticated, marketing professionals are institituting new discipline in their operations. What's really surprising (and a big relief) to me is that they not only track and measure what they do more carefully, but they also collaborate with other parts of their company more systematically.

Marketing Sherpa: New Research: 5 Steps to Better Marketing Operations. 2007-Aug-14 (Paid subscription required): Not surprisingly, when respondents were asked to describe their MO [marketing operations] practices, the answers tracked closely with those challenges: - 65% said they currently practice marketing accountability (setting specific commitments, tracking and adjusting performance, etc.) to helps measure and demonstrate ROI. - 62% said they use MO to balance big-picture, strategic planning with day-to-day marketing execution decisions. - 64% said they use MO to leverage the value of other groups in the company who have a stake in marketing decisions.