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070805y One sustainable way to strengthen bonds with your customers is to tap into the passions of your employees. Of course, it helps if your employees share a passion. For instance, Southwest Airlines has always recruited people who know how to use humor to defuse tense situations. Borders has decided to tap into the fact that many of the people who work at bookstores work on a book when they go home. (See Borders Launches Employee Author Program.) And CiCi's Pizza usually employs energetic young people. I hope they can turn this "shakerboarding" stunt into a long-term program, but I also hope they will cover the occasional broken arm of the employees. Hand photo by Yasin Oztürk, from StockXchng.

Contagious News Article: Ultimate Shakerboarder. 2007-Aug-22:Shakerboarding is a bizarre combination of break dancing and advertising, traditionally used by local car dealers in the States, attracting attention by throwing dance moves while spinning branded signs. US Pizza chain Cici’s set out to own the gimmick with the help of Deutsch Los Angeles, following a 63% weekly upsurge at one of its branches after manager Tracy Tucker got down on the street outside. Visit to see this entertaining campaign.