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Repackaging content is getting to be big business. If you've ever decided to take a nostalgia trip back to some old TV show and been disappointed to realize it's not nearly as funny or spine-tingling as you remembered, slicing-and-dicing old TV shows will make a lot of sense to you. We only remember certain moments, and if Sony and Honda can dig out those moments for us, they will probably do very well.

NY Times: MySpace Mini-Episodes, Courtesy of Honda. 2007-Jun-15, by Stuart Elliott

Honda will be the sole sponsor of what Sony Pictures Television is calling the Minisode Network, which is scheduled to begin next week. Visitors to the MySpace Web site (my will be able to watch episodes of 15 vintage Sony series like “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Facts of Life,” “Fantasy Island” and “Who’s the Boss,” edited from their original lengths of 30 or 60 minutes each to an Internet-friendly 4 to 6 minutes.