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Nike Upgrades the Running Experience

Nissan Takes Over Heroes

Nissan will use "Heroes" as ground zero for an integrated effort around its forthcoming crossover, Nissan Rogue. The launch will be the season premiere of "Heroes." It will be sponsored by Nissan, which will "own" the show, so no other marketer will advertise. The Rogue will also be driven by the main character in the premiere. from Mediapost Marketing Daily: Nissan Ties Rogue Campaign to NBC's 'Heroes', 2007-June-22, by Karl Greenberg

My comment: Sponsorship continues to replace advertising as companies look for a way to make a meaningful connection with their audience without interrupting them. Nissan is lucky they can afford to not just hop on the bandwagon but also push every other advertiser off as well. Sometimes I think we may be returning to the arts patronage system that supported artists during the Renaissance.