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Using Mail to Strengthen Email

Co-opting the Critics?

If you can't silence them, put them on the advisory board! Whether or not this strategy works depends on whether or not McDonald's listens to mothers, not on how many of the mothers see inside McDonald's.

Promo: McDonald's Brings Moms' Voices in the Kitchen Via Blogs. 2007-Jun-22, by Amy Johannes

McDonald’s is using real people to tell its story in hopes that will better resonate with other customers. “We tried to [tell our story] but it’s something not as credible as if it’s coming from customers,” Starmann said. “We know moms listen to other moms and word of mouth is the most incredible source. We think they are great advocates for our quality story.” Experts say McDonald’s PR push to get moms on board is nothing new. The company ran McMoms, a direct marketing program targeting mothers. An online newsletter offered parenting, women’s health and nutrition tips.