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Using One's Employees to Market

Back when I worked for a traditional advertising agency, we would occasionaly be asked to feature a company's employees in the advertising. This procedure always involved media release forms, affadavits, and copywriting headaches. In the modern world of open-source marketing, some companies have figured it out. At Crutchfield's and at Ford Models, the employees just share the best of themselves.

Digital Media Wire: 500 Things You Can Learn From A Supermodel, 2007-Jun-19, by Rohit Bhargava

They have the personal trainers, they work with the hair stylists and they see the tricks of the makeup artists. In many ways, a model should be the person most qualified to teach you about beauty. This is the brilliant concept behind Ford Models TV, a site run by Ford Models - one of the premier modelling agencies in the world. Through their site, they have created nearly 500 unique videos that are each nearing 100,000 views just over the past year. Do the math and they may very well have quietly been amassing the largest number of views for branded short videos of any company online. ...Particularly interesting is the smart strategy the site has of also distributing their videos through just about every large video sharing site online...