Nissan Takes Over Heroes
Co-opting the Critics?

Nike Upgrades the Running Experience

Nike+ is a product--a shoe fitted with an iPod plus extra software for recording your run. is the web site where runners can record their routes, times, and talk about their performance, challenges, music, etc. has turned out to be the real innovation for Nike, allowing it to plug into the runners' lifestyle like no other product they've manufactured before. Shouldn't most companies support a user community?

Advertising Age: The Awards Shows Need to Tear Down Silos, but It Won't Happen, 2007-Jun-25, by Jonah Bloom: Nike Plus epitomizes the increasing convergence of ideas and utility. It's a user-friendly product, and it's selling like ice cream on the French Riviera because it enhances the experience of running by allowing runners to measure and compare performances over time and with others. ... Oh, yes, and it's made Nike a content player, a media owner operating the biggest running club in the world via a social network.