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You have many different ways to support creative talent. Your company could become a distributor of a small but significant piece of software art. Consider it the digital equivalent of mailing a calendar to regular customers.

ClickZ: Shareware Synergies. 2007-May-22, by Chad Stoller

There's a large number of shareware developers, and their exposure opportunities are limited and short in time. They don't buy ads in consumer magazines or have a regional sales force that calls on Fortune 500 customers. Generally, their editorial coverage is limited to a top-tools list or a daily entry on an enthusiast's site. From there, they rely heavily on search, word of mouth, and community participation. They covet the opportunity to expand their marketplace. This is where you come in. Here are some quick tips on how you can partner with a developer: Find an innovative solution. You know your customers. Check out the thousands of consumer programs available for free on the Web, and find something that will appeal to your audience.