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For all the money that's being spent on paid search advertising, it's amazing how little of it is being used for marketing intelligence. Some people are testing different benefit statements to see what appeals to their customers. If your business is spending a lot on search marketing, you need to make it work as hard as possible to build your understanding of your audience.

iProspect's Search Engine Marketing Advisor Newsletter: Learning to Share: Consumer Insights and Search Marketing, 2007-May, by Ron Belanger of Yahoo! Search Marketing

Why are all of us in search marketing so bad at sharing? No, I don’t mean the box of doughnuts at the Friday staff meeting. I mean sharing the pearls of wisdom we stumble across in our jobs on a daily basis. Is it because we are not asked, or because we do not know how valuable what we know is to the rest of the organization? It’s time that digital marketers – and search marketers in particular – start taking a seat at the marketing strategy table.