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Fewer Emails, Better Communication

Too many organizations just keep sending an email every time they want you to "know" something, never stopping to think how half-a-dozen or even a dozen emails all swim together in your inbox.... Now companies are starting to realize they need to help people get a handle on all that information.

ClickZ: E-mail Overload: A Solution, 2007-May-2, by Karen Gedney

Sysco, the giant food-service corporation, found a solution for communicating with its 10,000 marketing associates in a more targeted way. The company has over 80 business units. As a result, marketing associates' inboxes were jammed with innumerable messages from corporate, unit managers, and vendors -- sometimes with contradictory information. No one had time to plow through all these messages, so many were unopened.

To solve the problem, Sysco used an application from Performance Communications to [create a special place to information.] The site, called Sysco Blue Cube to reflect the company's branding, has 10 tabs that correlate to Sysco's main business lines, such as frozen food, beverage, and dairy. ...Marketing associates need only check the tab for their product lines -- and, in fact, are required to as part of their regular job responsibilities -- to find new information relevant to their work.

New Way to Give it Away

Product sampling is a time-honored tradition, frequently accompanied by time-worn methods. In contrast, Proctor & Gamble set up a temporary store front and staffed it with cosmeticians, all the better to give its drug-store-distributed cosmetics a sampling experience similar to the department-store brands.

Not all of us can afford to set up a temporary store front, but this story does remind us how important it is to make sampling into an experience. Festivals are a wonderful environment for sharing your product with people who are relaxed and curious.

Toronto Globe and Mail: Get it while it's free. 2007-Apr-13, by Amy Verner

Modern shoppers, however, are notorious for being tempted by chi-chi cosmetics counters, with their hands-on displays. So it was only a matter of time before in-store makeovers got the makeover treatment. P&G has created the Look Fab Studio, a “pop-up store” at the heart of Toronto's shopping district, on Bloor Street just east of Yonge. It opened yesterday for one month (until May 13).