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New Way to Give it Away

Product sampling is a time-honored tradition, frequently accompanied by time-worn methods. In contrast, Proctor & Gamble set up a temporary store front and staffed it with cosmeticians, all the better to give its drug-store-distributed cosmetics a sampling experience similar to the department-store brands.

Not all of us can afford to set up a temporary store front, but this story does remind us how important it is to make sampling into an experience. Festivals are a wonderful environment for sharing your product with people who are relaxed and curious.

Toronto Globe and Mail: Get it while it's free. 2007-Apr-13, by Amy Verner

Modern shoppers, however, are notorious for being tempted by chi-chi cosmetics counters, with their hands-on displays. So it was only a matter of time before in-store makeovers got the makeover treatment. P&G has created the Look Fab Studio, a “pop-up store” at the heart of Toronto's shopping district, on Bloor Street just east of Yonge. It opened yesterday for one month (until May 13).