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Okay, so and Ask A Ninja each have a target market of just about anybody, so when that happens it's easier to, like, hook up, but those Ninja are rather wily, and you should maybe ask yourself "Is there some entertainer my company should hook up with?" (This will all make more sense and be more fun if you follow the links.) And don't miss the totally awesome metrics at the bottom of this excerpt.

ChasNote: Enlists Ask A Ninja For Brand Campaign at ChasNote. 2007-May-19, by Chas Edwards

The campaign is smart at one (very simple) level in that it ties together banner ads with integrated, co-branded messages in the video programming. At another level, it's even smarter in that the Ninja (the featured act) rather than (the marketer) makes the call-to-action. The data from the campaign's first 20 hours are astounding. One out of every twelve viewers of the Ninja's 'Ninja Sayings' video skit went to, queried 'ninjuice' and watched the bonus video that the Ninja produced especially for those 'certified search ninjas' who completed the assignment. An 8.3% rate of conversion. For comparison, imagine a conventional banner that delivers a terrific click-through rate, say 0.4%. Then assume a whopping 25% of those clickers actually test-drive the product. Even that record-breaking performance would add up to only a 0.1% rate of conversion. The team effort by and Ask A Ninja did 83 TIMES better.