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Tempting Phone Offers

Advertising via cell phone text messages is emerging rapidly in the U.S. (It's well established in Europe and Asia.) Cell phone users rightly see this as a great opportunity to get marketers to "pay up" for their attention. Although we will see some differences between what these people say they will do and what they actually do, the first important hurdle is to get them to sign up to receive text message advertisements. We need to begin testing offers to purchase their attention through free cell phone services and discounts on the products being advertised.

Center for Media Research: Daily Brief, 2007-Mar-07

According to a new study by Harris Interactive, presented by Joe Porus and Judy Ricker at the Mobile Advertising and Marketing USA Conference in New York City, 35 percent of adult cell phone users are willing to accept incentive-based advertisements. Of these adults: 78% say the best incentive would be cash 63% say by free minutes (63%), 40% want free entertainment (ring tones, games) 40% prefer discount coupons Judith Ricker, President of the Marketing Communications Research Practice at Harris Interactive, says that cell phone users are most interested in advertisements that have a clear value proposition, are relevant, and allow recipients to control how they are profiled. The survey further reveals that: 56% of those respondents who are at least somewhat interested in receiving ads on their cell phone say they would prefer to receive them via text message