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Have you noticed those little links on web sites that say "Digg this" or "add to del.icio.us"? With these links, marketers are giving web visitors the tools to encourage more traffic. Here's the trick: the content on the page has to be worth sharing. Whether or not you think you have an item that could go viral, any content that's worth referring back to--tools, tips, hard-to-find history or explanations--could be easier found with social bookmarks. Your site actually becomes less reliant on the search engines.

WSJ: The Wizards of Buzz - WSJ.com, 2007-Feb-10, by Jamin Warren and John Jurgensen (subscription required)

A new generation of hidden influencers is taking root online, fueled by a growing love affair among Web sites with letting users vote on their favorite submissions. These sites are the next wave in the social-networking craze... Digg is one of the most prominent of these sites, which are variously labeled social bookmarking or social news. Others include Reddit.com (recently purchased by Conde Nast), Del.icio.us (bought by Yahoo), Newsvine.com and StumbleUpon.com. Netscape relaunched last June with a similar format.