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Instead of sponsoring a charity event or a sports team, how about a fund-raising drive which asks people to pay for the privilege of using something they get all the time for free? New York ad man David Droga came up with the idea of restaurants collecting $1 from patrons for each glass a water. Tent cards on the tables promote the progam, which funds fresh water projects around the world. What commodity could you and your customers provide for others less fortunate? For instance, conferences are always handing out pencils. Maybe attendees could contribute $1 for school supplies for needy children.

BusinessWeek: UNICEF: Tapping the Power of Water, 2007-Mar-20, by Karyn McCormack

Tap water, Droga explains, is a "brand that no one owns" and is available in many metropolitan cities around the world. Plus, since the campaign rests on people making donations for their tap water, there are no costs for packing, bottling, and shipping the water. Marketing tap water is "a sustainable idea—that's why I like it so much," says Droga.