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Playing in the Participation Age

Good News if More Businesses Get into the News

The general public has limited interest in news about growing companies. What I hope is that by hiring more business reporters, Fox spurs the entire industry to go deeper on these cable channels devoted to business. Business people benefit when they get more information about what other business people are doing.

WSJ (free link?): News Corp. Builds Toward Business TV. 2007-Feb-9, by Julia Angwin (via AAF SmartBrief)

News Corp.'s planned new Fox Business Channel will be "a little bit more business friendly" than its main rival, CNBC, News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said yesterday, as the company confirmed its intention to launch the channel in the fourth quarter. Unlike CNBC, which Mr. Murdoch said leaps "on every scandal," Fox Business Channel will cover scandals only "if there's a story," he said. A News Corp. spokesman said later that the channel would cover both negative and positive stories. A spokesman for CNBC, Kevin Goldman, said CNBC's programming speaks for itself. As for the prospect of competition from Fox, he said "bring it on."