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Attract Attention with News Feed

4me Publishers have long been able to advertise on other sites by feeding latest headlines into a branded box on the web page. Of course, they offer this as a "service" and don't pay for the exposure. Now Federated Media is offering other companies the opportunity to have dynamic ads based on news feeds that can cover new job listings, inventory updates, or software patches and updates.

061103 Chasnote: Turn Ads Into Content & They Work Better at ChasNote. 2006-Nov-2 by Chas Edwards of Federated Media

...Despite the fact that Symantec’s ad was clearly marked as a Symantec sponsorship unit, and despite the fact that it ran in areas of both sites that are reserved for advertising, readers didn’t let their eyes experience the “fatigue” that makes them blind to ads over time. They viewed it as a content feature, albeit content from a paid sponsor, but content that was worth perusing. If I’m wrong, how else to explain that 300% more readers interacted with the ad, all of a sudden, two weeks into the campaign?...