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Starbucks Chain of Cheer

4vm Lucky Starbucks visitors are receiving a surprise gift and being encouraged to share the holiday spirit by recording their good deed on This concept seems to getting off to a slow start, but you can print a cheer pass for yourself and see how it works.061115b

Link: Advertising Age - Starbucks' Holiday Viral Effort Doubles as Social Experiment. 2006-Nov-9, by Kate MacArthur

...The idea is to follow how long people can sustain the "chain of cheer." Of course, the site also will promote a trio of holiday coffee blends and other gifts consumers can buy through Starbucks. "I'll be happy if we create a single cheer chain," said Brad Stevens, VP-marketing for Starbucks. He said he's more interested in the qualitative response, as the effort has no traditional marketing metrics tied to it....