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17 posts from November 2006

Attract Attention with News Feed

4me Publishers have long been able to advertise on other sites by feeding latest headlines into a branded box on the web page. Of course, they offer this as a "service" and don't pay for the exposure. Now Federated Media is offering other companies the opportunity to have dynamic ads based on news feeds that can cover new job listings, inventory updates, or software patches and updates.

061103 Chasnote: Turn Ads Into Content & They Work Better at ChasNote. 2006-Nov-2 by Chas Edwards of Federated Media

...Despite the fact that Symantec’s ad was clearly marked as a Symantec sponsorship unit, and despite the fact that it ran in areas of both sites that are reserved for advertising, readers didn’t let their eyes experience the “fatigue” that makes them blind to ads over time. They viewed it as a content feature, albeit content from a paid sponsor, but content that was worth perusing. If I’m wrong, how else to explain that 300% more readers interacted with the ad, all of a sudden, two weeks into the campaign?...

Hard Decisions need Web Support

061109_14dm Working as a marketing manager over the last few years, I had become increasingly aware that the selling process seems to revolve around a company's web site. The web site has to reflect or amplify every other marketing communications effort. Now Mark Kingdon, CEO of one of the biggest agencies which design commercial web sites, explains why that's so, and you can see his understanding illustrated at this Jeep web site. Questions for…Mark Kingdon, CEO of Organic. 2006-Nov-8, by Emily Steel

...WSJ: As the digital space matures, some suggest that interactive work will drive all marketing communications -- both online and off. Do you agree?

Mr. Kingdon: I think that particularly for considered purchases, where people think and learn before they make a decision, the Internet is going to be central to their decision-making process, and increasingly other media will drive much more explicitly to the Web, and that the Web will be core or central in those marketing campaigns.... (highlighting added)

Major E-commerce Sites take Ads

061109c4dm_1 Browsing an e-commerce web site reveals a lot about your interests and intentions. If the site owner can't get you to buy something, maybe they can hand you over to another advertiser. I didn't have to browse for long on the Home Depot web site before I found a General Motors ad. (See right.) Although I can see the connection between a business radio and a pickup truck in which to carry it, the possibility of advertising more complementary and add-on products sounds very attractive for both profit and for the consumer experience.

ClickZ News: Launches Self-Serve Ad Beta, 2006-Nov-3, by Ryan Naraine

..."[We are] beta testing an advertising program that allows businesses to buy sponsored links that appear on, next to search results and on product detail pages," the [Amazon] spokesman said in an e-mail exchange with ClickZ News. "These ads will feature products and services that complement products sold on ..."

Lexus as Art


4ds To attract the right audience for the new Lexus LS, they have developed a touring art gallery of contemporary art, so advanced that it attracts a select targeted audience, only 4,500 in Los Angeles. They invite a few co-sponsors to help with expenses and round out the experiences, but overall the feeling conveyed is "Lexus is art." This strategy will play well with influencers even if they aren't actual Lexus customers.

Mediapost: Lexus Marries Art With Design At City Events, 2006-Nov-3, by Karl Greenberg

A new Web site at serves as an online kiosk to the shows. The galleries are being curated by New York-based Sebastien Agneessens, whose agency Formavision has also created such events as the Starbucks Salon and Diesel Denim gallery.

Let 'em do it themselves

4cb_1 Fresh Express is running a promotional contest, but what is amazing is that they are inviting teenagers to submit their own salad recipe. To help activate the audience, 061115f they are teaming up with an established community called Do Something.

Progressive Grocer: Fresh Express Spearheads 'Go Green' Tween Challenge 2006-Nov-1, no byline

"I was in the kitchen putting a salad together when my two young daughters said they wanted to make one, too," said Fresh Express president Tanios Viviani. "It dawned on me then that we need to involve our young kids in the process of making healthy eating a part of their lives rather than just talking at them."...

StumbleUpon Retail

4em_1 A company in Singapore is offering a shipping container that you can rent and install to create temporary retail space. From the consumer's point of view, I call it "stumble-upon retail." Sure we've had tents at events, but this feels so much more upscale. The experience of surprise is becoming very valuable. Pop-Up Everything. 2006-Nov061115g_1

The VBOX enables a brand or company to follow an event they wish to align their brand with, or pop up where consumers least expect it. Tag along with a photography exhibition or set up shop temporarily at a large sporting event. Brands can even showcase items that consumers may not otherwise be able to purchase...To date the VBOX has housed collections by some of the fashion world’s most prestigious names: Raf Simons (Prada Group) and limited PUMA designer co-labs by Alexander McQueen, Christy Turlington, Mihara Yasuhiro as well as CDs, magazines, books and Motorola phones....

Smart-Aleck Shopping Carts

4dm_3 If you knew what everyone else was the grocery store?

Technology Review: Driving Impulse Shopping with a Smart Cart. by Duncan Graham-Rowe, 2006-Nov-2

Impulse buying currently accounts for about 40 percent of all supermarket purchases, says Ronaldo Menezes, an expert in swarm intelligence at the Florida Institute of Technology, in Melbourne, FL. But his research suggests that impulse buying could be significantly increased if information was fed back to shoppers about what others are buying.