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Surprises at Target

2ce_3 Here's an interesting tactic to keep the customers coming in...Target is testing a new program call the Find where they mix in an unexpected luxury item for their alert shoppers. I haven't been able to verify whether or not the infamous $200 Coach bag (deemed a counterfit by Coach) which a Florida Target store was offering was a part of the program, but very likely. Surprises for all!

061003dDetroit Free Press: What's going on 2006-Sep-26, by Georgea Kovanis

Ultra-luxury goods are popping up at Target stores around town, part of a special program called the Find that's being tested in about 80 stores around the country. Spotted at Target in Brighton and at Eastland: premium jeans by Antik and Joe's, which usually start at about $160 in department stores...marked down to $87.41...Target is keeping mum about details, but says it wants shoppers to be surprised every time they walk into the store.