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Socializing with Newspapers

4me_2 Newspapers would seem to be an ideal place for social media to develop, as John Ellis says below. We do already have some papers that focus on personal ads. My own hometown newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, is leading-edge in its support of bloggers. However, the ability to developing "followings" for local organizations and companies at newspaper sites would seem to be an unhatched opportunity.061116j

WSJ: Squeeze Play,2006-Oct-31 by John Ellis

...The transition from newsprint to pixels has been a painful one for newspaper companies everywhere. Print advertising revenues have hemorrhaged. But Web 2.0 is just around the corner and social networks have emerged as the engine of growth on the Internet. Combine shared interests (social networks) with publishers (content aimed at those interests) with targeted advertising (specific to those interests) and you have the makings of a money machine....