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Open Source Advertising

4pm Working with advertising innovator Federated Media, Cisco succeeded in getting a bunch of opinion leaders to contribute to a wiki to define the "human network." This approach is an excellent way to build influencer recommendation for your company. What's more, I really like the way this idea can "scale." You can do it with a few friends or a large audience.

061116f ChasNote: Cisco’s Brilliant Concept; With the Help of Friends, Brilliantly Executed. 2006-Oct-5, by Chas Edwards, VP Sales & Market Development at Federated Media

...Truly open source advertising! ... Within the first 48 hours, 600 people had voted. And since the campaign empowered website authors to participate, build co-branded ads for their own sites and even contribute strategic input on the campaign overall, a few of the authors even plugged the campaign in editorial posts....