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New Retail Communications Channel

4me_1 We're only beginning to understand the power of aggregating product reviews. This trend started on independent web sites, and I did not expect retailers to embrace it the way Amazon has, but they certainly do now. Apparently, it is just a natural outgrowth of standing next to someone in a check-out line, seeing her holding a product, and asking her if it works.

061116g DM News: Petco, P&G and Shaw use digital to open doors. 2006-Oct-30, by Chantal Tode

...[Brett Hurt of Bazaarvoice] said enabling customers to create product ratings and reviews online not only engages the consumer, but can become a digital asset that can be leveraged with analytics and by merchandising. Ratings and reviews "give people a more tactile experience online and allow people to touch and feel product online through other people"...